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It is free to join the agency, however if you wish your details and photograph to be placed onto the website there is a fee of £25.00 for the first year, and £10.00 per year thereafter. There is no guarantee of work and no agency fees are refundable.

You are employed through the agency, not by the agency.

Please remember whilst on location/studio, you are representing Ex-Isle Casting Agency, and that we expect good conduct and your full cooperation at all times. Should you have any issues with the production, please contact Ex-Isle Casting Agency to a dd ress them – do not discuss them with the production direct.

Should you receive work via the agency, it is imperative that you contact us before 6pm the day before, for your call times. Failure to notify the agency that you cannot fulfil your engagement will result in instant dismissal from the agency. No fees refundable.

When given call times and locations please write them down. Please plan your trip to location the night before and ensure you have all relevant information and directions to hand.

Unfortunately the agency cannot arrange transport.

A normal day’s shoot consists of 12 hours. Please ensure that you are available for the full 12 hours.

The Agency cannot be held responsible for any accident or injury sustained whilst traveling to/from any place of work.

Please ensure that you do not bring mobile phones, cameras, or any other other audio or video equipment with you on set.

The Agency does not allow individual publicity. All media interviews with local and national press must be first clear by the Production Company’s PR department. Supporting Artistes should not approach any member of the Production Company with a view to self-promotion. This will result in dismissal from the agency.

Please keep your own records for tax purposes.

Please do not come to the office without making an appointment.

You should always arrive at location on time, and take any appropriate clothing with you. (Warm clothing if needed). All men should arrive clean-shaven, unless stated. All ladies should come make-up/nail varnish free, unless otherwise stated. On arrival, report to the 2nd assistant director, floor runner or person in charge of supporting artistes.

Eating, drinking and smoking are only permitted on set in designated areas.

NEVER leave the set without permission.

Rehearsals or sequences may be shot many times from different camera angles. Please remain patient, quiet and co-operative.

If the production requires you to film for consecutive days, you will be paid at the end of your final consecutive day.

On some productions, you may be required to attend a costume fitting prior to your first filming day, sometimes at a costumiers or at a studio and you will usually be paid for attending. You will normally be paid in cash on the first day of filming.

Shooting schedules can change at short notice so your booking can be postponed or cancelled.

Always make sure we have up-to-date telephone numbers and a dd resses. Please send annually an up to date photograph.

Catering will be provided when you are on location and you will be asked to queue for your food once the crew has been served.

Ex-Isle Casting & Film Facility Agency • St Georges House • 1st Floor • Ports of Call • Bay View Road • Port St Mary • IM9 5AE
Telephone: 01624 835 100 or 07624 415096 (mobile) • Email: bev@ex-isle.com